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How Architecture Firms Are Responding to COVID-19 and What is the future scope?

03 Jul 2021

An architecture firm contributes an area of design services, from bringing up plans to provide the best design of a structure for a client. Working at an architecture firm can have a variety of thoughts.

Due to the scenario of COVID-19, we are globally experiencing major lifestyle changes. People are becoming now more aware of their personal space and hygiene and due to isolation measures, our homes have become our micro-universe where we should feel safe and sound also be able to complete our professional duties.

During this scenario, we are having an impact on almost all sectors from which architecture firm is one of them which impact the industries in one way or another. All the architects have ordered to work-from-home because of the coronavirus expanding globally, architects and designers have to think about the technologies, facilities and even do some research so that it will help to fight against this pandemic. It gave a new experience to think more and expand the creativity level. Since the firms have directed to work from home it may become the rule, rather than the exception. It became difficult for them to analyze all the active projects, their needs, deadlines, and also due to the material shortages they have to change their perspectives. Working remotely using digital technologies help them to think critically.

Considering the current scenario, contractors are not able to interact physically, with no panel discussions, etc. Therefore, virtual meetings using video calls and other online apps are used. Due to this situation contractors have to delay and rescheduled their project.

These are the future scope that can hold the sector:

Because of the current situation, architects have to think on the space to reflect on how the industry can be more resilient. Priorities will shift and the whole world will gain new perspectives. From telecommuting and distance learning to virtual events, designers have quickly rethought traditional workflows to stay connected. These are some factors like value, deadlines, scope, a quantity of work, etc needs to be molded into a new form of records, billing, and profit.

It is a moment to reflect on the trading nature of work, what it means for traditional offices, and how a new working world will be translated into new architectural spaces. Architects and designers have unique artistry grounded in vital thinking and the ability to imagine new futures and also need to radically rethink our revenue and infrastructural processes for the future. Architecture as we know it is possible to escape and, in the future, the role of architects may be very different from how we recognize it today.