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What Are The Types of Architecture Design in the Modern Age?

03 Jul 2021

Architecture is the art and technique of designing creative thoughts and building as characterized by different skills associated with construction. Modern architecture can be defined as the architecture where we lead our everyday lives in modern times. It uses innovative and new construction technologies, like the use of steel, reinforced concrete, and glass. It has been inspired by the ancient architectural design patterns that helped in using new technologies, testing new building materials, adopting and experimenting with new building techniques, improving current and old materials, etc.

Types of Architecture Design in the Modern Age


Victorian-style architecture has many styles that emerged during Victoria’s period. It belongs to the yester century. Some renowned styles were Classical, Gothic Revival, Romanesque Revival, Italianate. This architecture can be described as dollhouse-like, with curlicue trims, bright colors, and asymmetrical designs and it also shares several identifying characteristics. Most of the Victorian buildings were brick with large interior staircases and windows, balconies, fireplaces in every room, and porches.


It was constructed in Ancient Greece and is the best-known architecture for its religious temples which are built in stone, designed from ethics, using the right perspective and geometry. The greatest work of Classical architecture is the Parthenon.


This architectural pattern concept merges the modern and older architecture elements and offers a balanced impression for the trending technologies. Also, it has been inspired by the classic styles of Ancient Greek and Roman buildings and design.


It is also known as Norman Architecture developed in Europe in the late 10th century. The rounded arch is the most famous feature and is typically found in Roman-style churches. Some key features are rounded arches, repetition of rows of round-headed arches, stylized floral and foliage stone decorations.


Gothic architecture was originally named “ Opus Francigenum ” or “ French work ” as it originated in France. This architecture uses previous style features and uses all of them together. It is decorative than classical styles, walls were thinner, columns more slender, and widows adorned with stained-glass. The key features are height and grandeur, pointed arches, vaulted ceilings and light, and airy buildings.


Originating in the late 16th century in Italy, Baroque can also be seen in religious buildings. Some key features are broken pediments, sometimes with a cresting ornament placed in the center, elaborate ornamentation, paired columns, convex and concave walls. These architectural concepts are still being utilized for developing grander spaces like public malls and complexes, transit stations, and such other places. The cost of construction is higher.

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